About US

Unique mind, unique seed.

Seeds Art Studio believes everyone is a unique seed: Growing a watermelon is different from growing a cactus, thus every student should be treated individually.

We believe art is not only about growing technical skills, but also about cultivating the mind. A unique mind makes a good artist great! In our classes, we encourage students to think outside of the box by inspiring their creativity.

Our training focuses on ideas and storytelling skills, in addition to professional art skills such as Chinese Painting, Watercolor, Concept Design, Animation etc.


罗斯嘉/ Sijia( Ally) Luo


毕业于北京电影学院动画系,美国 University of California, Los Angeles( UCLA) film department 电影动画专业(MFA),作品入选 8 个国家 54 个电影节, 曾获得 Canada International Film Festival, 17 th WOW Film Festival , Animazing Spotlight Festival 等 16 个国际奖项。14 届华表奖最佳动画电影提名(编剧/分镜)。美国 KCET 电视台,北京电视台专访。原创漫画作品获得日本 Japanese Ambassador Award,以及中国漫画最高奖项第 5 届中国连环画,最佳中篇漫画奖。曾担任美国 ShadowMachine 动画公司动画师, 美国 EXR ART CENTER 艺术导师 。2018 年末创立 SEEDS ART, 种子创艺,其主营业务为以培养创意人才 为核心的艺术/动画教学,及一对一艺术 Portfolio 升学辅导。

Founder of SEEDS ART

  • Graduated from the Animation Department of Beijing Film Academy.
  • Graduated from University of California Los Angles, Film department( UCLA) (MFA).
  • In 2018 She founded Seeds Art Studio, focusing on helping students develop creativity, and fundamental art/ animation skills.
  • She has worked as an animator in the SHADOWMACHINE animation studio.
  • She has worked as an art instructor in the EXR ART CENTER.
  • Her animation works have been selected in 8 countries’ 54 film festivals.

    Award Festival Country
    Rising Star Award Canada International Film Festival Canada
    Best Animation Prince Edward Island International Film Festival Canada
    Best Animation 17th WOW Film Festival Australia
    Cart-ost Award 4th Janison Short Sharp Film Festival Australia
    Best Student Animation In the Bin Short Film Festival Australia
    Best Animation Tupelo Film Festival USA
    Best Animation Love Your Shorts Film Festival USA
    Best Animation River’s Edge International Film Festival USA
    Best Animation Offshoot Film Festival USA
    Best Animation Naperville Independent Film Festival USA
    Golden Pencil Award 2D or not 2D Animation Festival USA
    Special Jury Award Jaipur International Film Festival USA
    Best Student Short 2011 Alaska Film Competition USA
    3rd Place for 2010 Animazing Spotlight Festival USA
    Best Story UCLA Sportlight Film Festival USA

  • TV Experience:

    Works On Air Time Country Year
    Kidnap KCET TV Channel 03:55 mins USA May 7 10 pm 2010
    Interview Beijing TV Channel 10:22 mins China Sep 2 6pm 2006

  • Published Comics:

    Comics Publisher Country
    My Friend’s Mom Cartoon King China
    The Hat Cartoon King China
    I Am Like a Queen Youth Comics China
    The Perfume Youth Comics China
    The Wolf and the Sheep Beijing Comics China
  • Comics Awards:

    Award Festival Country
    Japanese Ambassador Award China BFA Comics Festival China
    Best Medium-Length Comics 5th China National Comics Festival China